Women's Jogger Pants - COCONUT
Women's Jogger Pants - COCONUT
Women's Jogger Pants - COCONUT
Women's Jogger Pants - COCONUT

Women's Jogger Pants - COCONUT

Women's Jogger Pants - COCONUT


They are tapered at the bottom and finished with comfortable knit cuffs that do not put pressure on the ankles. They have a high rise with a comfortably tailored crotch. Feel at work like you're wearing a comfortable tracksuit. Maximum comfort and a professional look.

The model is 175 cm tall and is wearing size S.

Color Coconut
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We present unique medical pants that are comfortable and give a sense of comfort during many hours of work. Women's jogger pants - COCONUT is an item of clothing aimed at female employees of medical institutions, including doctors, receptionists and nurses. They are designed to provide maximum comfort, and on the other hand look elegant and neat.

This model is made of material, mainly polyester, viscose and elastane, which makes these pants not only durable, but also very flexible and breathable. In addition, the combination of these materials also gives other properties such as stain resistance, quick moisture wicking and easy cleaning. The marine-colored women's joggers have as many as five pockets, so that the wearer can have all the small items within easy reach. Two of them are located on the front, two on the back, and one on the side. In addition, the waistband is supported by an elastic band, so there is no way that the pants will slip off while doing daily chores.

The cut of the medical pants is tapered towards the bottom, where there are welts. Such a solution means that the joggers do not restrict movement and allow you to move freely in the field. Their appearance, combined with a unique sea color, will make the employees of a hospital or other medical institution stand out from the ordinary people, so the offer is dedicated to both individual and business customers.

By choosing women's jogger pants – COCONUT, you opt for modern and practical solutions. The pants provide comfort even after a full day of wearing.

Wash and iron inside out. Wash at 40°C. Iron at up to 100 °C. Do not tumble dry. We recommend using gentle, disinfecting washing powders. Save time on ironing, hang the product on a hanger while it dries, so it can straighten on its own. However, if you want to make it more soft and smooth, iron the product - the fabric is easy to iron and the product is even nicer to the touch.

BASIC fabric - An innovative three-component fabric. Flowing, moisture-wicking, easy to iron.

Composition: 72% polyester / 21% viscose / 7% elastane.

Shipping is completed within 2 - 3 business days. You have 30 days to return the products.

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